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DC Diamonds Gymnastics Club

We are a newly formed Club offering fun, safe & engaging gymnastics & fitness sessions in Folkestone, Ashford & Wingham.

It all starts with a dream: a dream to be healthy, a dream to be strong, a dream to be fast.

Our new Club has been designed to provide a clear pathway of development whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced gymnast.

All of us at DC Diamonds are committed to help and encourage all who participate to fulfil their goals and reach their potential.  By engaging with the Community, we aim to raise awareness, increase participation and fitness for all.

DC Diamonds is affiliated to British Gymnastics, Kent Gymnastics Association & South East Gymnastics.




Classes Available

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Beginner Gymnastics

These sessions are designed for those just starting out in gymnastics.  You will work towards skills required to move to our Intermediate program and your British Gymnastics Proficiency Badges 8,7,6,5.  
You will also start to develop a conditioning & flexibility regime.
Starting age = Reception - Age 4

Intermediate Gymnastics

These sessions are suited to those who have successfully completed our Beginner Gymnastics pathway.  This is the next step in your gymnastics journey.  You will further increase your strength, stamina & flexibility which will enable you to develop new and more difficult skills.  Within this pathway you will also complete British Gymnastics Proficiency badges 4,3,2,1.
If you are new to the Club and have some experience already, please contact us to arrange an evaluation.
Starting Age - Reception - Age 4

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Advanced Gymnastics

This is a longer session and is designed with the British Gymnastics Advanced Proficiency in mind  You will have completed our Beginner & Intermediate Programs and will now progress further with skill development, strength, stamina & flexibility.  From this class you maybe offered the opportunity join our Competitive Floor & Vault Squad or our 4 Piece Women's Squad.  
If you are new to our Club and have previous gymnastics experience, please contact us to arrange an evaluation.


Our invite only Tumble sessions  will incorporate skill progression towards walkovers, flics, aerials, free walkovers & somersaults to name but a few!

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Gymfusion & Display Team

GymFusion encompasses the ethos of Gymnastics for All, and gives participants the opportunity to display their skills and talents as a team in a fun, friendly and non-competitive environment.

Our GymFusion sessions encompass Acro, Tumble & Dance. 

gymfusion 2021 - YouTube 


Competitive Squads

At DC Diamonds,we are able to offer an invite only mixed Floor & Vault Squad and a 4 piece Women's Artistic Squad.



If you would you like to learn more about our Squads, or, become a member of our Squad, please contact us using the link below.


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